July 6, 2022 • Plymouth, Michigan

Perigon’s transformative platform enables pharmacies to capture new revenue and enhance clinical care role in the local communities.

On its mission to become the leader in medication and remote therapy monitoring, Perigon Health 360 announces it is launching the Medesto Drug and Therapy Monitoring Platform to the independent pharmacy community, with Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy in Mt. Lebanon, PA. Perigon’s Medesto platform enables independent pharmacies to offer new clinical services into their local communities and increase their revenue by participating in the healthcare reimbursement codes created to improve clinical outcomes with digital healthcare tools. Medesto connects digital medication dispensing devices and digital physiological devices to provide a comprehensive view of patient health, behavior and risk profile. Perigon’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform was created to provide precision-tailored care that benefits patients, caregivers and doctors. Medesto utilizes a cloud-based data platform that enables Perigon’s clinical team to optimally manage patients with difficult-to-treat, severe asthma, COPD and hypertension, while reducing direct and indirect healthcare costs.
“Independent pharmacies are perfectly positioned to take on a more meaningful role in clinical care, but access to the tools, systems and devices needed to participate in this space is limited to non-existent. The goal is to improve clinical outcomes and enable the local and independent pharmacies to participate in driving down healthcare costs,” said Perigon CEO Ted Mills. “Rolling out Perigon’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform to Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy is an exciting collaboration creating a truly breakthrough set of digital clinical services that can be leveraged for commercial success.”
Regardless of disease state, it is widely recognized that medication therapy compliance tends to be approximately 55% and deteriorates further if there are comorbidities. Perigon has built a platform designed to drastically improve medication adherence using digital technology. Perigon 360’s current patient population is currently exceeding the target adherence rate of 85%. Medicare has recognized the importance of medication therapy, including medication adherence and patient response to therapy. “It is not realistic for an independent pharmacy to build a platform, connect devices and learn how to provide these services. With Perigon’s help we can begin immediately impacting our local community,” said Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy founder, Dan Asti.

The Medesto App provides real-time health data on various metrics. It also closes the information gap between patients, loved ones and healthcare providers with a combination of specialized pharmacy services, real time human behavior monitoring, medical record aggregation, patient education and clinical team oversight. Perigon utilizes digital medication dispensing devices and proprietary smart adherence packaging concepts. Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy has already installed easy to use filling equipment for the smart medication pods. “The equipment is simple to use and barely takes up any space, it really empowers our team to provide state of the art solutions,” according to Dan Asti.

Independent pharmacies can now introduce RPM and RTM services into their local communities and enable physicians to improve patient care by gaining access to seamless and scalable patient adherence monitoring through the web-based portal. This is exceptionally advantageous when considering new developments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services related to reimbursement for monitoring patients and their medication therapy.
Improving medication adherence, enhancing and simplifying patient-physician communication and streamlining the prescription process aren’t just for someday—They can happen now with Perigon 360.
About Perigon Health 360
Perigon Health 360 is a digital healthcare company that monitors medication adherence and patient response to medication therapy in order to improve clinical outcomes, and while providing much needed information not currently available to all care teams. Together, Perigon Pharmacy 360 is redefining the manner in which patients interact with the critical role of the Pharmacist by supporting pharmacy services to drive improved clinical outcomes and peace of mind for patients, providers, and loved ones. Perigon has locations in Plymouth, MI and Pittsburgh, PA.
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About Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy
Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy is an independent, community pharmacy serving the greater Pittsburgh area. Asti’s offers a variety of services to patients and providers, including medication synchronization, adherence packaging, hand delivery, custom compounding, among many other clinical services. Asti’s Pharmacy pushes the boundaries of community pharmacy by leveraging innovative solutions in the marketplace and delivering care with empathy and compassion.
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