The Possibility of Remote Patient Management Is Real

Today, the world is filled with technology that was once considered only possible in the movies. No one imagined cars could be charged from our homes, or music could be listened to on our phones; or that one day doctor’s appointments could take place on a computer.

But the “impossible” is happening now.

The 21st century has been called the era of science and technology and rapid innovations have collided with the unexpected need for virtual care. The COVID-19 pandemic propelled technology to the forefront of the medical revolution prompting people to use remote healthcare services due to social distancing, overwhelmed medical facilities and lockdowns. According to a study, 1 in 3 Americans used telehealth for the first time during COVID, and during the first quarter of2020, telehealth visits increased by 154%.1 This shift in healthcare access redefined the patient experience and consumer expectations.

And while telemedicine became a popular option for medical appointments, remote patient management (RPM) quickly emerged as a transformative approach to fill the care gap in-between office visits. Unexpectedly, RPM reconstructed the healthcare landscape by providing accurate and reliable tracking of a patient’s health at any time, from anywhere in the world.

By leveraging technology, RPM uses a continuous stream of real-time health data that empowers individuals to take control of their health while extending the reach of providers to remotely obtain critical health statistics for enhanced medical decision-making. Without a doubt, RPM delivers impactful advantages to patients including convenience and flexibility, increased access to healthcare, reduced out-of-pocket costs and timely interventions to improve one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Because RPM is playing an increasingly vital role in delivering personalized and patient-centered care, large tech companies are developing an increasing number of digital health products such as mobile health apps, wearables, physiological devices, and medication dispensers to place the power of care in patient’s hands. According to Research and Markets, the global RPM systems market is projected to be worth over $1.7 billion by 2027, up nearly 128% from today’s market, and 30 million patients are expected to use RPM services by 2024.  

But digital tools must not only be accessible; they need to produce results. With a heightened consumer demand for an enhanced healthcare experience, Perigon Health 360 is leading the charge in providing digital health solutions unlike any other.

As a leader in digital technology, Perigon has developed innovative and intuitive digital health solutions that are quickly changing patient outcomes for the better. The company’s ecosystem of advanced digital devices and expert pharmacy services are breaking down silos in care using data integration, critical insights, and proactive human connection to bolster adherence.

Perigon’s enterprise remote therapy platform, Medesto, is the only digital health platform that monitors and modifies human behavior using digitally generated data to create scalable yet personable communication pathways while delivering prescription medication and pharmacy services directly to the patient. This platform was designed to provide users simple yet sophisticated tools that seamlessly integrate into their daily health routines, creating a personalized experience that pivots with each patient’s unique and evolving healthcare needs.

However, the robust data collected by Medesto is only a portion of the platform’s value. To have successful, sustainable results, data must be put into action. Perigon’s patient-focused model has elevated the world of digital health by harnessing on-demand support and pharmacy expertise to intervene in patient care to optimize treatment without delay. This unique approach is setting the standard for the digital health market – generating user-satisfaction, delivering proven results, and instilling powerful patient engagement.

And while the reality is that the incredible (yet once inconceivable) possibilities of technology have gone from the “big screen” to every screen on digital devices today, Perigon Health 360 will continue to push the frontier to achieve the unimaginable in healthcare.