Tech Companies are Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Big consumer-driven companies are making their way into the healthcare space and looking to capture a piece of the $4.1 trillion Americans spend on healthcare each year. Two companies on the top of that list are consumer favorites: Apple and Amazon – and they’re working towards rewriting the rules on how we manage our health today.

With its ever-growing arsenal of technology-based tools, Apple is developing new products to revolutionize health monitoring via wearable devices. The company has been doubling down on clinical research initiatives to turn its products into mobile patient hubs. Meanwhile, Amazon has acquired One Medical for $3.9 billion, a membership-based primary care practice based in San Francisco, New York and twenty-three other metro markets. This new partnership is aimed at offering a quick, convenient, and affordable primary care experience through enhanced in-person and telehealth-first services. Overall, both companies are doing what they do best, using technology and efficiency to advance the future of health and elevate the customer experience.

And while these beloved brands are carving out specific corners of the healthcare ecosystem using their tech expertise to tackle health monitoring and the primary care space, smaller companies are shaking things up in the specialty pharmacy space by reshaping how we deliver better clinical outcomes and patient care.

To make big disruptions in the healthcare industry that drive savings and improve the wellbeing of patients, companies need expertise across the digital, pharmacy and patient care landscape. The difficult reality of healthcare is that people who have been healthy all their lives can suddenly be diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, or a devastating illness such as cancer or autoimmune disorders. These diseases are the highest cost drivers in the country and patients affected with these conditions require treatment with specialized medications, providers and pharmacists who are knowledgeable about these drugs and diseases, and high-touch, patient care management. To bring real world value and solutions to an outdated healthcare model, intersecting technology and healthcare to serve these patients can make big impacts on today’s pain points including cost, access, and a patient-first health approach.

One company that is built on these components is already transforming healthcare – Perigon Health 360.

Perigon Health 360’s remote patient monitoring platform, Medesto, is exceeding the high expectations of today’s consumer through meaningful tech-innovation and a hyper-focused patient experience. By using advanced technology and vast healthcare knowledge, patients are getting what they want most – convenient, dependable, on-demand care that simplifies their health journey and improves long-term clinical outcomes.

Medesto checks all the boxes of today’s consumer wish list for health care services, and then some. Through user-friendly digital tools and integrated specialty pharmacy services, patients have a seamless connection to 24/7 remote healthcare to effectively manage their condition using a mobile health app or the web. Medesto’s medication dispensing devices and physiological devices reminded patients to take their medications, track progress and monitor important biomarkers for a 360 view of their health. This critical data captured by Medesto’s is only a part of the comprehensive care equation.

Patients need access to experienced health professionals who understand their complex disease and medications to help them wholistically manage treatment outside of the doctor’s office. With a direct link to full scale pharmacy services, patients stay in touch with a pharmacist who proactively reaches out to educate and assist them with questions or barriers to treatment. Medesto goes a step further and closes the information loop between providers and caregivers by sharing information through streamlined communications to collectively make informed decisions about the patient’s treatment regimen. This enhanced care maximizes patient adherence and reduces the risk of hospitalization and disease progression. Furthermore, this half of the equation is how patient health is optimized and where the big costs are kept in check.

Progress in healthcare is not only exciting, it’s long overdue. And as consumers anxiously await the options America’s tech giants bring to the table, Perigon Health 360 is already placing the patient at the center of care with the support and tools they want and need for better, easier healthcare.