Tespo Health Internal Research Shows Improvement in Medication Adherence

April 9, 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan

Inadequate medication compliance is a consistent problem that costs the healthcare industry billions of dollars and well over 100,000 lives each year.¹

Numerous studies have demonstrated that non-compliance with prescribed medication increases the mortality rate and adds a huge additional expense to the healthcare industry.

Recently, Tespo Health conducted an internal research project focusing on improving medication compliance. Using the Tespo Heath Dispenser and digital platform, the study was able to monitor compliance by recording the medication dosage every time medication was dispensed.

The Tespo Health Dispenser dispenses and manages daily mediation. Connected to API software, Tespo Health tracks compliance using the patient portal and sends alerts and reminders to patients, caregivers, and loved ones when mediation is not dispensed as scheduled.

The project tracked the compliance of 35 men and women over the age of 50.  The participants were asked to dispense medication once a day for 26 days at the same time every day.

Alerts were sent to the participants at the time medication was scheduled to be dispensed. If medication was not dispensed as scheduled, a push notification was sent to their mobile device 60 minutes after the scheduled time, followed by a text message sent to their mobile device 30 minutes later if the medication was still not dispensed. If medication was not dispensed following the series of reminders, the participant was not compliant with their medication regimen for that day.

The objective was to increase compliance from the national average of 50% to 95%. Our research found that using the Tespo Health dispenser and digital platform improved medication compliance to an average of 97% during the study period.

Follow-up research will continue; however, initial indications show very promising results in the improvement of medication compliance using Tespo Health.

¹ Lisa Boylan. (2017, April 20). The Cost of Medication Non-Adherence. National Association of Chain Drug Stores. https://www.nacds.org/news/the-cost-of-medication-non-adherence/.