Reconnecting Patients Through Digital Health

In many instances, people feel unheard and misunderstood.  It’s a common theme that begins in childhood, is most vocalized during teenage years, and continues for the rest of our lives in one way or another.  It’s also a very common feeling experienced by patients.  Often, patients feel a disconnect during their health journey, discouraging them from continuing or seeking further treatment.

To put it simply, patients want a trusted partner to help them achieve their health goals. But the complexities of successful patient engagement in the traditional healthcare setting can create challenges.

In a recent survey, 61% of patients indicated they wanted better engagement with Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to help with preventative screenings and wellness checks.1 However, only 43% of patients have a relationship with their PCP.2   The lack of a successful patient-provider connection is becoming costly. In fact, the disengaged patient costs the healthcare industry $150 billion annually due to missed appointments, and many patients are leaving their current health system altogether – costing physicians an estimated $875,000 every year.2

What is causing this disconnect?

We know patients want access to high-quality healthcare services that are effective, safe, and timely. But they also want to be remembered. Patients share a significant amount of personal information with providers, and in return, trust their physicians will recognize their unique needs, health history and concerns. But rushed appointments and gaps in communication between follow up visits can make patients feel like they are being treated with a “one-size fits all” approach. Consequently, providers are falling short in delivering patients personalized and relevant communications at each phase of their health journey.

Fortunately, the need for a singular patient experience is being realized through the adoption of technology. Digital health platforms are delivering a cohesive, personalized approach to patient care.  And they are being embraced by patients and providers alike.

As a leader in the digital health space, Perigon Health 360 knows the value of utilizing digital tools to connect with patients on a deeper level. The company’s innovative therapy monitoring platform, Medesto, delivers patient engagement at the highest level. Medesto consolidates remote monitoring services into one portal and provides patients a simple unified pathway to enhanced interactions across the care continuum. By providing medication dispensing devices, adherence tracking and an integrated care team, Medesto creates a web of support to improve health outcomes and connect with patients when they need it most.

Furthermore, Medesto captures and tracks critical patient data allowing providers to easily “retain, recognize and remember” crucial information about each patient and provide the next best actions for better health outcomes. This technology contains all the right information in the right place at the right time – enabling physicians to reach out to patients during crucial points of care with insights that make a real-time, real-world difference.  


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