Tespo Vitamins Expands Product Line and Updates Brand as an Industry Leader in Personal Supplements

April 14, 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan

Leading healthcare and natural vitamin provider Tespo Vitamins (formerly Tespo) has expanded its product line and updated its brand as one of the fastest-growing vitamin providers in the industry.

Tespo Vitamins now offers more than 20 different vitamin pods and stick packs along with its innovative dispenser and related accessories. These expanded offerings, combined with the top-of-the-line Tespo Health app, are designed to provide consumers with the most convenient and beneficial vitamin experience possible, said Co-Founder and CEO, Ted Mills.

Tespo Vitamins sources the very best ingredients from around the world for its vitamins, Mills said. The Vitamin Pods contain no sugars, GMOs, artificial colors or fillers, and there is never a need to swallow pills to get the supplements you need. When dispensed in liquid form, Tespo Vitamins allow for more effective absorption via vitamins made from free form, powered ingredients.

Plus, Tespo Vitamins offers competitive pricing to match its quality. Consumers can engage in a regimen of 20+ vitamins for less than $1.50 per day.

“With the Tespo Vitamins brand, we are offering a truly comprehensive product line that includes vitamins that are truly in demand today,” Mills said. “Convenience and quality matter to our customers, and by providing both we’re growing into an industry leader.”

And to keep on track with your health goals, Tespo Vitamins provide the ability to take vitamins “on the road” is with their Tespo Vitamin’s convenient and easy-to-use stick packs Consumers can reap the benefits of Tespo’s variety of formulations when they travel with the help of the Go-Bottle, which is used with the Tespo Health Go-Lid or any of the stick packs. The Go-Bottle can easily fit into - or clip onto - a purse, computer bag, backpack, or any piece of luggage.

Today’s busy lifestyles can make sticking with a vitamin regimen a challenge; it’s easy to miss a dose or get off schedule when “life” gets in the way, Mills said. But with the help of the Tespo Heath app, customers can set daily reminders while tracking servings. Additionally, the data that is available on these apps give consumers a complete picture of when vitamins have been taken and the continuing progress toward their individual goals.

That emphasis on its growing product line, convenience, and quality reinforces Tespo Vitamins’ mission to empower individuals to reach their health goals and manage chronic conditions to live better, healthier lives.

“We want to make it easy for our customers to not just take their vitamins but to be engaged with a variety of ways to improve their health,” Mills said.

Learn more at tespovitamins.com.

About Tespo Vitamins

Tespo Vitamins is a leading provider of connected healthcare technology and a wide range of vitamins and health supplements that proactively supports a healthy lifestyle. It offers more than 20 types of vitamin supplements in the form of pods and stick packs with the help of the Tespo Health Dispenser.

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