Tespo Launches Smile Bariatric with an Unprecedented Digital Health Platform to Support Bariatric Surgery Patients

October 29, 2020 • Plymouth, Michigan

Tespo is offering a reason to smile. Today the company announced the launch of Smile Bariatric, a new division to support bariatric surgery patients, and a groundbreaking digital health platform to help them easily meet their nutritional challenges.

No more pill sorting and swallowing.

With Tespo’s Smile Bariatric Complete – a blend of essential vitamins and supplements necessary after weight loss surgery – nutrition is delivered in a delicious two-ounce liquid form through Tespo’s patented smart dispenser. This method makes getting important nutrients much easier than having to sort and swallow a large number of pills twice daily. Taken two times a day with a calcium supplement, such as Tespo’s Calcium Chew, nutritional compliance is met per the standards defined by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) for most types of weight loss surgery. The ingredients that comprise the supplements are customized for each individual through physician consultations.

Much like a one-cup coffee brewer, a Smile Bariatric Complete pod is placed in the Tespo Connect Dispenser, and at the push of a button, contents are mixed with water. The result is a great-tasting, two-ounce liquid shot dispensed into a small drinking glass. Smile Bariatric Complete is also available in easy travel packs, called “Stickpacks”, which come in a powdered form ready to mix with water whenever needed, so the dispenser is not required.

No more missed doses with a digital app and smart monitoring.

The Tespo Connect Dispenser is the world’s smartest delivery system in the bariatric support field, syncing with users’ smartphones, Amazon Alexa, activity trackers, digital scales, or other smart devices. This allows the dispenser to easily monitor and track health goals and nutritional compliance seamlessly.

By connecting to the “Baritastic” app – the #1 bariatric app in the world – customers receive notifications and reminders, have access to support groups, get nutritious recipes, and more. This groundbreaking digital health platform can measure one’s progress anytime, anywhere, allowing for swift adjustments as needed. The data can be shared with medical professionals to better evaluate and modify the nutritional care plan as needed. The Baritastic app is used by more than 30,000 people per day and utilized as a patient support platform by more than 85 hospitals in the U.S.

“The goal of the Smile Bariatric line of products and digital health platform is to seamlessly support a healthy lifestyle for individuals who have made the commitment to improve their long-term health,” said Tespo Co-Founder and CEO Ted Mills. “We have been inspired by the stories of so many customers who have taken this positive step and are excited about what it means for them in the months and years ahead.”

“This line of products is designed to support the efforts of these millions of consumers around the world so that they can more easily achieve their nutritional goals,” Mills said.

Smile Bariatric products support healthy lifestyles safely, affordably, deliciously, and conveniently.

Smile Bariatric products are made from natural ingredients which are globally sourced but still made in the U.S. They are compliant with guidelines set by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). They are available in a delicious Berry flavor, so customers do not have to sacrifice taste for performance. Additional flavors, such as Citrus and Tropical Punch, will be offered soon.

Smile Bariatric created its products to be simple enough to fit into a busy day. With the options of either a pod used with the Tespo Connect Dispenser or a stick pack to be hand-mixed, customers can choose what works best for them.  And with the digital Baritastic app, tracking health goals and ensuring nutritional compliance is easy.

Affordability is paramount, so Smile Bariatric products are designed to provide great value. The company also offers generous trial periods to let customers determine if this solution is right for them.

Smile Bariatric products are available for direct purchase by visiting the company’s website at www.smilebariatric.com.

About Tespo

Tespo was formed in 2015 to help craft a cleaner and more convenient vitamin. The company’s leaders quickly discovered that what was lacking was a delivery system that was supported by high-tech tools. Today, Tespo helps consumers around the world with a system that combines the highest quality of natural vitamins with a process that allows individuals to select a simple, convenient routine to meet their health goals in an affordable way.  Smile Bariatric is a division of Tespo. Learn more at www.tespovitamins.com.

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