Genese Hendrickson, Mark Carroll, Shannon Hastings, and Dan Abeling Join Perigon Health 360 Executive Team

July 21, 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan

Group of experienced and respected professionals is helping reshape the Precision Digital Pharmacy business.

The recent formation of Perigon Health 360 brings together some of the leading minds in healthcare and pharmacy to the new company’s executive team and board of directors.

Perigon Health 360, under the leadership of CEO Ted Mills and Chairman Don Howard, is pleased to announce that Mark Carroll has come on board as Chief Financial Officer; Shannon Hastings as Chief Technology Officer, Dan Abeling as Chief Product Officer and Genese Hendrickson as Chief Executive Officer of the company’s pharmacy, Perigon Pharmacy 360.

Hendrickson has over 23 years of experience in healthcare and specialty pharmacy. As the former Co-Founder of Vivaleas and CEO of Valeda Rx, she developed a strategy to bring Valeda nationwide, with dual accreditation and ongoing drug distribution and support services in the specialty space.  She is leading the Perigon Pharmacy 360 strategy and care team in the enhancement of digital pharmacy with a personal care approach.

Carroll previously served for nearly 15 years as the Managing Partner of Superior Capital Partners, a Detroit-based private equity firm focused on investing in underperforming and undercapitalized companies. In that role, he oversaw the acquisition and integration of over 25 companies across a wide variety of industries.

Hastings has a 20-year career driving strategic business development through technology, platform, and software solution creation in the healthcare sector.  He previously served as CTO for healthcare technology providers Rhinogram and Jellyfish Health, as well as VP Technology for NantHealth.

Abeling founded Baritastic, the largest bariatric surgery software platform in the US. Baritastic is now used by many of the largest clinics and hospitals in multiple countries to create better patient engagement, compliance, and outcomes. He also worked for Covidien, now Medtronic, a global leader in medical devices.

Perigon Health 360 creates an exciting and innovative platform that transforms how patients and pharmacies interact by coupling innovative technology solutions with high-touch pharmacy services to create a Precision Digital Pharmacy. Our patient care platform utilizes advanced data gathering to monitor patients’ real-time medication compliance. By closing the information loop between patients, pharmacists, and providers, it enables better adherence to treatment plans and fosters collaboration between members of the care team.

Mills is confident he has the leadership team in place to help take his company to the next level.

“We’re going to change how people utilize a pharmacy. Consumers will see us as a wellness partner rather than just a place to get medications,” Mills said.

Perigon Health 360 has also named the following individuals to its board:

  • Jeff Fisher, board member
  • Burt McGillivray, board member
  • Greg McParland, board member
  • Alan Turfe, board member
  • Sean Creehan, technology advisor and investor
  • Roger Newton, Ph.D., pharma advisor and investor

“With this unmatched group of executives, board members and value-added advisors, I am confident that Perigon Health 360 is on the verge of transforming the online pharmacy world in a way that supports medication adherence for all, using the latest in high-tech tools,” Mills said.

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About Perigon Health 360

Perigon Health 360 creates an exciting innovative platform for medicine, transforming how patients and pharmacies interact by coupling innovative technology solutions with high touch pharmacy services to create a new category: “Precision Digital Pharmacy”. This patient care platform utilizes advanced data gathering to close the information loop by monitoring patient’s real-time medication compliance. It will enable greater collaboration between patients, pharmacists, and providers.

Perigon Health 360 will employ more than 50 professionals, representing significant experience in the healthcare, pharmacy, and SaaS industries. Its employees are situated throughout the US with primary locations in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Orlando. The company will hire an additional 25 software engineers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses over the next year to help support its rapid growth.