Perigon Health 360 Integrates the Pharmacist into the Patient’s Home

The pharmacist plays an important role in healthcare. They are the patient’s trusted health advisor.  They offer guidance on taking prescriptions, understanding medication side effects and safety, and making sure patients are confident about managing their condition.

However, for many patients, walking into a community pharmacy can become a pickup and leave situation.  Standing in line, giving their name, signing for medication, and waiting to be asked: “Any questions for the pharmacist?” The urge to ask for a medication consult is sometimes overcome by hesitation. Pharmacists are preoccupied with counting pills, filling prescription bottles, staring at computers and juggling phone calls. Unfortunately, these competing tasks may prevent patients from utilizing their pharmacist’s expertise.

Furthermore, long lines can be frustrating. And the lack of a dedicated space for a private health consultation can make a patient feel uncomfortable. These barriers limit meaningful interactions that could improve the patient’s health. This poses the question: although pharmacists appear accessible, are they truly available?

Patients need a new pathway to access their pharmacist that extends beyond the pharmacy’s walls. The introduction of Perigon Health 360’s digital health platform – Medesto – has created a conduit from the pharmacy straight into the patient’s home.

Medesto is a digital therapy and patient monitoring platform that places the pharmacist at the center of care. Medesto connects patients, providers, pharmacists, and caregivers with critical patient data and streamlines information sharing to drive patient adherence and maximize clinical outcomes. This system is complemented by pharmacy services and medication dispensing and physiological devices that achieve real-time medication tracking and asses a patient’s vital health statistics. Consolidating this information into one portal, gives the pharmacist a complete 360° view of the patient’s health.

This visibility has enabled Perigon Health 360 to reverse the role of the patient-pharmacist relationship. Through innovative technology, Perigon Health 360 has created a personalized, proactive, and private approach to connecting patients with their pharmacists without ever initiating a phone call or walking out their front door. Direct insights to crucial patient health information instantly alerts pharmacist to take action and provide on-demand dialogue with patients- exactly when they need it most. This point of communication is an opportunity to holistically guide the patient to achieve better health through disease management techniques and lifestyle counseling. Additionally, if any significant health risks are identified the pharmacist can easily share this information with the patient’s physician through Medesto, and recommend the patient schedule a visit with their doctor, or better yet, do it for them. Through Medesto and the enhanced role of the pharmacist, steps to effectively manage the patient’s condition can begin immediately.

Perigon Health 360’s integration of the pharmacist into advanced technologies is a paradigm shift in healthcare. Simply stated, Perigon Health 360’s revolutionary digital health platform means: Better data. Better accessibility. Better results.