Moving to a Patient-Centric Pharmacy

When choosing a pharmacy to fill prescriptions, most patients have been conditioned to look for low out-of-pocket costs and convenience.  Finding a retail pharmacy close to home and making sure drugs are affordable are key factors in the decision-making process. Nonetheless, payors have dictated these decisions for years. Payor designated in-network pharmacies and preferred drug formularies determine which pharmacy a patient will use and how much they will pay for medications. Because of these restrictions, patients are sometimes forced to fill prescriptions at multiple pharmacies resulting in fragmented care.  And while these mandates hinder patient freedom of choice, they also limit the patient’s relationship with the pharmacist.

Fortunately, as technology continues to advance, pharmacies can focus more on patient support using efficient patient engagement tools. However, today’s consumers have high expectations shaped by consumer-centric category leaders like Amazon and Apple. When it comes to life-saving medications, why should a patient’s expectation be any different for pharmacy services? 

As patients learn that not all care is created equal, they are demanding that pharmacies expand their offerings and become a partner in their health journey.  As a result, today’s pharmacy “fill and refill” model is shifting to a patient-centric approach to meet the patient’s needs for expanded access, convenience, and personalized support.  And while innovation around improving patient access to better care is not novel, it is gaining momentum as technology continues to evolve.  Pharmacists and providers are harnessing new technology to elevate the patient experience and transform the healthcare delivery system.

As a leader in digital health, Perigon Health 360 has already proven the value of a patient-focused, collaborative model using enhanced capabilities from on-demand healthcare technology The company’s innovative digital health platform, Medesto, is integrating comprehensive pharmacy services with remote patient monitoring and real-time health solutions. Medesto is leveling up the standard of care by moving from basic dispensing practices to utilizing vital health statistics from medication dispensing and physiological devices to provide personalized patient-pharmacist interactions through ongoing therapy management.

Through this patient-centric model, Medesto delivers a user-friendly health experience with the convenience of technology and the expertise of a trusted clinical advisor. From daily medication tracking and reminders, to critical health insights and proactive patient outreach– patient support has moved from the pharmacy counter to anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the platform creates a bridge between all stakeholders in patient care to make collective, informed treatment recommendations focused on optimizing clinical outcomes.  By doing so, Medesto gives pharmacists and providers the opportunity to impact the overall patient experience through a digital and physical presence rooted in human connection and shared decision-making.

It’s time to change the current health paradigm and create a better future of care.  Perigon Health 360 is proud to be paving the way by delivering real world solutions through advanced technology, seamless access to enhanced services, and stronger patient connections.