Is Bigger Always Better?

We hear it a lot “bigger is better.”  But is it? Depends on the context.  When we think in terms of businesses, the biggest companies in the world must be the best. They have the largest amount of consumers and generate the greatest revenue. 

How does this dynamic impact healthcare?  Healthcare companies are focused on achieving successful patient outcomes through the lowest cost of care. However, in a big sea of members comes a greater possibility for missed opportunities. Large healthcare companies may not have the same level of personalized member  engagement, therefore long-term health outcomes and patient retention may diminish. The end result? This can be the biggest contributor to the overall problems we face in healthcare today.

Turn the page tothe smaller company with bigger goals.  The company that measures big by making the biggest impact. Creating the biggest ideas to modernize healthcare through technology.  Using a patient-focused approach to achieve the biggest adherence rates, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and improved long-term health. The end result this time? A company redefining patient care and generating cost savings across the healthcare landscape to rebuild the industry.

While Wall Street perceives the company with big goals as the little guy, it’s hitting all the marks with consumers. It’s providing a patient-centered model that delivers real world results – real clinical improvements and real quality of life. This level of personalized care builds a tightly woven net of patient trust and loyalty.

This growing company isalso a big deal in the eyes of their business partners.  Every enhanced patient experience creates value for pharma, payors and prescribers. The ability to engage and retain patients drives market share and increases revenue for manufacturers. It increases clinical outcomes and reduces cost for payors. And it offers more touch points in care for physician’s to effectively manage the patient’s condition.

So why doesn’t this company exist? It actually does. Perigon Health 360 is transforming the healthcare industry in a big way. The company’s innovative digital health platform, Medesto, is making huge strides and positively impacting patient’s lives.

When developing Medesto, Perigon Health 360 set out to go beyond industry standards and create the imaginable – to be different while including meaningful details. The Perigon Heath 360 difference is putting the patient first. Always.

And the details are in Medesto’s design. Every touch point is designed to amplify the member experience. To offer a single platform with multiple health monitoring devices. To limit disease progression through expanded, on-demand resources. To offer critical data insights to optimize treatment. To place technology in the patient’s hands when and where they need it.   To offer privacy and autonomy at the same time. And to keep patients tightly connected to around-the-clock support while encouraging them to move forward and take charge of their health.

The impacts are big, and they keep getting bigger. Perigon Health 360 has a new take on the way we view the definition of success. Changing the word “big” from an idea to a real result affecting total patient care.