Technology is Transforming Care for Older Adults

People are living longer today than ever before. In 2019, 54.1 million US adults ages 65 or older represented 16% of the population. By 2040, the number of older adults is expected to reach 80.8 million.1 As the global population continues to age, the healthcare industry faces the challenge of providing efficient and effective care, specifically around drug therapy management.

Because chronic illnesses rise with age, older adults tend to have multiple health conditions requiring treatment with a number of prescription drugs. It is estimated that 44% of men and 57% of women 65 and older take five or more nonprescription and/or prescription drugs a week. Consequently, polypharmacy – the use of 5 or more medications -increases the risk for adverse drug reactions, nonadherence, financial burden, and poor outcomes.2

However, rapid advancements in technology have brought forth innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the way seniors manage their medications. From smart pill dispensers to mobile applications, digital health tools are empowering older adults to take control of their health and well-being like never before.

While various devices are on the market, one company is delivering comprehensive care using innovative health technology and a patient-focused care model. Perigon Health 360’s enterprise digital platform, Medesto, has emerged as a game-changer in senior healthcare offering user-friendly, remote patient and medication management tools that provide smarter and simplified access to at-home treatment.

The platform consists of digital medication dispensing and physiological monitoring devices that are complimented by real-time pharmacy services enabling older adults to easily engage in their health in the following ways:

Simplified Medication Management:

The Medesto dispenser makes medication routines simple for seniors and alleviates the stress associated with complex regimens. Perigon Pharmacy 360 medication pods are pre-organized and sent directly to the patients, allowing them to easily dispense the correct dose at the correct time with a push of the button. This simplifies prescription scheduling and administration while minimizing the likelihood of errors or confusion.

Enhanced Medication Reminders:

Medesto provides a series of medication reminders including visual and audio signals to alert patients when it’s time to take their prescription(s). The device also intelligently monitors doses missed and provides digital nudges via text messages, in-app notifications, or other preferences to ensure timely dosing.  Caregivers can also be alerted to connect with their loved ones to ensure they stay on track with their therapy regimen.

Integration with Perigon Pharmacy 360:

Medesto is seamlessly integrated with Perigon Pharmacy to provide prescription fulfillment as well as on-demand access to pharmacy consultations.  Older adults can remotely seek guidance on medication-related queries, potential interactions, or side effects via in-app communication. This virtual connectivity provides patients with timely, expert advice, reducing the need for unnecessary clinic visits. Furthermore, Perigon’s pharmacists proactively manage patient adherence and contact patients to address health concerns and reduce adherence barriers, resulting in better medication management and overall well-being.

Provider and Caregiver Connectivity:

Medesto offers patient-approved provider and caregiver access to Medesto so these individuals can be engaged in the patient’s health journey.  Real-time communication is streamlined between stakeholders, allowing up-to-date awareness on critical health insights and opportunities for medical assistance or interventions if necessary. This connection helps older adults maintain their independence while having an added layer of support resulting in better health outcomes and peace of mind for all.

With Medesto as their ally, older adults can successfully navigate their medication regimens, remain adherent, and improve their quality of life. This innovative platform has become a reliable companion for seniors, enabling them to take charge of their healthcare knowing that they have a reliable system in place to support their medication routines and foster successful outcomes.


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