Digital Pharmacies Meet the Demand for Personalized Care

As the world of healthcare advances due to innovations in technology, more and more consumers are turning to the internet for healthcare information, guidance, and even access to prescription drugs. Digital pharmacies, also known as online pharmacies or e-pharmacies, have evolved over the past several decades and are revolutionizing the way patients receive and manage their medications.

For many consumers, the initial appeal of digital pharmacies was based on the convenience of medication home delivery, saving both time and costs associated with travel. Furthermore, digital pharmacies began to fill a need in the marketplace that was multi-generational. Eliminating travel to a pharmacy to receive life-saving prescription drugs became life-changing for the elderly population, while online pharmacies met the growing expectation of millennials accustomed to accessing anything at any time from their smartphones. 

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 era shifted these benefits from a “nice-to-have” to an all-out necessity.  The pandemic accelerated the growth of digital pharmacies as the public sought alternative healthcare services allowing them to stay home and stay healthy.  One of the nation’s largest PBM’s, OptumRx, cited that the company observed a surge of 85% in digital use, including the growth of online ordering of prescription medications and home delivery usage during COVID.1

And while both convenience and COVID propelled digital pharmacies into consumers’ homes, the increasing demand for personalized healthcare further amplified the transition from in-person brick and mortar pharmacies to the world of online pharmacies.  In fact, a recent survey found that 72% of patients said they want more personalized care that is specifically tailored to their individual clinical needs — and most believe that technology is the answer.. 2

This demand for personalized care has been quickly met by many online pharmacies offering efficient dispensing services, medication management apps, and patient consultations.  However, one company has developed game-changing health technology with unparalleled patient-centric offerings unlike anything else currently on the market. Perigon Health 360 has designed advanced technology and elevated experiences that provide patients with an integrated health journey rather than individual healthcare solutions.  

With the development of Medesto, Perigon Health 360’s remote-patient management health platform, patients have access to medication dispensing devices, physiological devices, and a suite of enhanced pharmacy services including traditional and specialty medications, data tracking and adherence monitoring, proactive pharmacist consultations, and on-demand communications with healthcare providers– all through the convenience of a mobile healthcare app.  

Medesto’s digital capabilities create a path to fundamentally transform the patient’s health journey by providing personalized, comprehensive, and convenient forms of care delivery – which ultimately builds a better health care experience.  By integrating multiple solutions for optimizing therapy into one platform, patients have access to critical health insights and real-time support enabling them to achieve clear and optimal outcomes.

As digital pharmacies continue to evolve and become a widely used tool in mainstream healthcare, Perigon Health 360 will remain on the forefront of developing innovative technologies and services to align with the end goal of enhancing patient health through personalized, patient-centric care while demonstrating unmatched value along the way.